Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is to provide the best quality training, when it comes to the assessment and treatment of hemorrhaging wounds, in any setting.

Our Experience

The creative minds behind Superior Bleeding Control have over 100 years of combined knowledge and experience in emergency medical care. We guarantee the highest level of customer service through onsite consultation, quality instruction and training.
Our customers include but are not limited to medical offices, outpatient clinics, surgery centers, dental offices, fitness centers, extended care facilities, small business venues, corporations, educational institutions and the community.

Our Course Inspiration

After serving as a dual function fire fighter/paramedic for over 31 years in the LA City Fire Department, Thomas Stafford, owner of Superior Life Support, has responded to just about any emergency incident one could imagine.
In addition to his career with the LAFD, Thomas created Superior Life Support (SLS) in 2004 as a CPR Instructor through the AHA. Thomas began SLS on the premise that anyone could be a “first responder” and help victims of cardiac arrest and much more. Since that time, SLS has grown from individual instructor status to an Authorized AHA Training Center of the American Heart Association. Today SLS celebrates as an Authorized AHA National Training Center with over 550 instructors throughout the United States, teaching about 100,000 students per year through our network of instructors.
In October of 2017, while attending the “Route 91” music festival in Las Vegas, Thomas was not only in the middle of the Las Vegas shooting incident, he became a victim too. In any emergency that involves a mass quantity of victims, there is no feasible way for emergency services to help everyone in time, especially when critical wounds threaten one’s life, minutes after receiving it. After experiencing the mass trauma and life-threatening situation of the Las Vegas shooting, Thomas realized the dire need for a program that will train anyone and everyone about controlling bleeding to save lives.